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The secret to high performance sports teams is installing the right conditions for success. Then rehearsing the mental and physical skills every single week.  
The exact same is true for building Aussie businesses

A Vision Led Organisation

If everyone in your team cannot tell you exactly why they are here and what they are doing next to get there,…you do not have a clear business vision. 

Values Based decisions

Trust is created in your business by hiring people who share your values and then let them loose on the problem you solve for clients. There is an ideal team member for you, but how do you identify them.  

Build better people

Success = Capability x Behaviour. Most businesses have capable people, but how do you instal  the conditions for behaviour that drives success. Thats the crux of what we do helping you build better people, who will help you build your business.


About Business Growth Advisors

We are a Business Growth Advisory Practice located in Sydney, Australia. We take the tactics and strategies of building elite sporting teams and instal them into Aussie businesses. It's a no BS approach to growing your Businesses. And our clients see massive growth in revenue, profits and engagement amongst the team.

Training leaders who create more leaders in your business

One definition of a leader is that people around them prosper. Just as a great sports team captain will be the glue that helps his team deliver unbelievable performances, your leaders are the key to impact, innovation, growth and sustainability.

Creating Winning Teams

Our workshop program will introduce your team to what it takes to be a world class Sports team…. And how they can use the exact same tactics in your business. This program instals the traits of elite sports team culture into Australian businesses… And the results are impressive

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

Strategic insight, alternative perspectives and relentless pursuit of your goals is what this program is all about. Whether you need an advisory board or a clear picture of the future possibilities for your business, this program brings the worlds best executive training to your development as the place where the buck stops.

Small Business Accelerator programs

Lets face it. The goal of small business is to grow without burning out. Installing practical high growth strategies into small business is what this program is all about. One on one guidance to accelerate your business education. We focus on marketing, sales and business foundations to get you out of the rut and pushing through to the next level. Financial freedom, time to yourself and a team that helps grow your business for you.


You Don’t Build a Business. You build a Team, and they Build your Business

Brett Odgers - Author, Playing Above the Line - Creating Winning teams

Our Programs

No cookie cutter Programs here we can tailor our expertise to help you handle your particular growth challenges for your business

More detail about how our programs work






Our Service

Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

You don’t build a busienss. You build a team… And they build your business – Brett Odgers

Creating Winning Teams

Team culture is revolutionizing business.

To attract the best talent and build a winning team we are seeing culture trump financial incentives alone, every time.

“Championships are not won by a team of superstars.

They are won by ordinary people willing to build a culture where every player gets to be the best version of themselves

Where failure is simply feedback. And the mission lifts everyone to a higher level

When this team takes the field

They will dominate any market, in any conditions, against any competition.

This is the birthplace of greatness

This is the magic of teamwork

This is what success looks like

“Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things”

– Brett Odgers – Playing Above the line. Amazon

The workshop program

This series of workshops will help your team develop the skills and systems to build a work culture for growth. You’ll learn from our successes installing a system that provides  success & results to your business. You too can experience what other clients have;  with between 30% and 60% revenue growth. 

Workshop 1. The foundations of a winning team. Purpose and mission. Clarifying the organisation’s goals and aligning everyone to those goals. Building trust and cooperation

Workshop 2. Practical elements to installing a culture that creates winners – Using the example of the All Black rugby team, you’ll have the same opportunity to experience the culture they have built to continually win. We try to coordinate this with an All Blacks game so your people can see the effect in person.

Workshop 3. Communication skills and understanding who is on your team. Find out how behavioral psychology can create social cohesiveness, bring out strengths and develop sales teams while developing the leader within

Leadership Training & Executive Mentoring


Whether you want to lead your own business better or help develop leaders from within, this program is designed to  take you and your business to another level. You’ll grow from our ongoing  frequency of contact that will extend your leadership skills and then apply them to your business goals and growth strategies.

If you are responsible for creating leaders within your organisation then this program will give you faster and more consistent growth .

this will give your leaders the skills of an elite sports coach to help drive exceptional performance. The frequency of interaction with our advisors means management skills are continually practiced and improved.

Small Business Accelerator


This is a program for small businesses to become bigger businesses. Providing insight, guidance and inspiration for the growth of your business the focus of this program. Practical and tactical skills for you and your business. It’s like doing an MBA in your own business.

  1. Business planning and strategic oversight of your business growth
  2. Marketing – Helping you attract the ideal customer
  3. Sales training  & Sales system development
  4. Creating systems and leveraging your time and assets
  5. Building a team. Recruiting, training and managing your team
  6. Leadership and entrepreneur development. Skills and knowledge to get you where you need to be


For a small business to become a big business it;’s simply not enough to know… You must do. You know you must market to attract attention, but you need to understand how to attract the right kinds of clients. The ones that your tema do their best work with.

And once you attract them how to best convert them to a paying customer. Thats your sales process. Most small businesses skate by on the owners carisma or sheer energy and enthusiasm. But soomer or later that wears out and you’ll need a proiven system to convert your prospects to clients. Then you’ll need a customer service plan to conver a customer to a raving fan. Sadly most small businesses are not actively developing a sales approach that is in alignment with thier company. The result.. they are getting price sensitive custoemrs who are hard work.

The single biggest bottleneck for growth in most privatly owned organisations is the owner. And the solution. Create unique systems for running your business that mean others can run it for you. No more bottleneck, significantly more engaged staff and happier customers. All this makes  ahige difference to the wuality of life for the owner and their family. You get your life back and get to wokr ont he part of your bsuiness that youa re totally genius at.

Financial systems that give the owner a clear snapshot of the health of the business and strategies to manage cashflow are another critical area for growing businesses. Once a year with the accountant is not enough to run a business. Understanding the numbers in a practical way every week and month is one of the skills we see in desparate need of developing in entrepeneurs at all levels of growth.



Brett Odgers Thought Leader

Brett is one of Australia's experts in creating business team culture. His latest book shows you what happens when this is translated into a teenage soccer team


first step align your team to the big reason you guys exist


What are the values that your team stands for. Unless you are clerar on this from the start you will find your team making decisions that are not in line with your big goals.


Creating a set of agreements about the behaviours you are willing toi accept is a fundamental part of creating a winning team


Trust is created when you make small agreemnets and then keep the. This needs to be an ongoing thing in a high perfromance team. Continously build trust by keeping your word


The ideal team playeris a mix of someone who is Hungry, Humble and Smart. And defining that for your team is extremly important


Perfromance = Capability + Behaviours. Unless you are managing the behaviours no level of capability will make up for that.


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